Clif Stubbs | Software Engineer

IMG_20160622_130015For Software Engineer, Clif Stubbs, his days consist of testing and developing new features for automation software such as Loading Dock. He says, “I like the unique problems that come with writing automation software. I really enjoy dealing with complex problems and simplifying them down to be more manageable.”

After graduating from East Carolina University with a focus in Computer Science, Clif joined Crispin in 2014. He quickly came to realize the benefits of working at a smaller company. “I like that in our smaller atmosphere, it’s easier for your voice to be heard than it would be in a larger company. It’s also nice that everyone is so friendly and acts like one big family,” he says.

Born and raised in Raleigh, Clif has a unique view of how the city has changed in recent years. “It’s been great to witness the growth of Raleigh over the years and see new opportunities arise in the area.” While he’s appreciated seeing the city expand, Clif also likes spending time outside enjoying nature.

From backpacking and hiking to running in Umstead Park, Clif does a little of everything in the great outdoors. “I enjoy spending as much time as I can staying active outside. I especially like to go camping in the western part of the state.”

When he’s not enjoying time spent outside, Clif likes to play computer games like StarCraft II, catch the newest sci-fi movie with his girlfriend, Rachel, or hang out at home with his three-year-old Maine Coon named Chell. One thing he could never give up is technology. “From my job to my hobbies, it’s just such an integral part of my everyday that it’s hard to imagine a life without it.”