Michael Mendoza | Manager of Technical Services

Manager of Technical Services, Michael Mendoza, joins the team after having been a loyal Crispin customer for almost two decades. He is excited to bring with him the experiences he has gained as a customer to his role inside the company. 

As an added bonus, he’ll be joining a team of people that he already considers friends. “During my years as a Crispin customer, I’ve developed relationships with the team,” Mike says. “I’ve always appreciated that they are willing to listen and give feedback. And if they don’t know the answer to something, they immediately look into it.”

In this role, Mike provides customer support, troubleshooting issues as necessary. He also does on-site equipment setup and installation. His experience in the broadcast industry allowed him to interact with many different groups to get the job done, and he brings that experience with him to Crispin.

Coming from a traditional broadcast background, Michael is proud to help show that Crispin is a forward-thinking company that cares for its customers first and foremost. “It’s exciting to be working for a company that is developing ideas before our customer base asks for them. We’re anticipating their needs,” he says. 

Mike lives in San Diego, California and is working remotely until he relocates to Raleigh with his wife of 33 years, Stacey, and their dog, Nimitz. With their kids Mitchell, Morgan, and Nate all grown up, they’re adjusting to life as empty nesters. Outside of work, he enjoys working on projects around the house. “I like to work on little projects for myself, and, of course, make my way through my honey-do list from Stacey,” says Mike. 

He also enjoys grilling up a good steak or burger, but he’ll pass on veggie burgers. “I don’t care how good this new plant-based ‘meat’ is supposed to be,” he laughs, “I ain’t gonna eat it.”

As he prepares for his move to Raleigh, he looks forward to joining his coworkers and exploring more of the East Coast. And, it just so happens that moving has an additional benefit for Mike: it puts him closer to his two favorite sports teams, the Atlanta Braves, and the Carolina Panthers. “I think a move to the Southeast will be a perfect fit,” he says.