Daylight Saving Time


Daylight Saving Time is coming up on Sunday, March 12. How does Daylight Saving Time affect my Master Control playlist?


We know that not everyone observes Daylight Saving Time, but for those that do, it can affect your Master Control playlist in a couple ways.

First, any clock start events scheduled for the time around when you will be changing your house clock should be set to follow events for this time. This will alleviate any issues you may run into with clock start events triggering when they are not expected. Also, you will need to make sure traffic removes an hour of programming from your list so you fill a 23 hour day when Daylight Saving Time begins.

When the time changes (either by a master clock time change or a manual change) the Device Server will detect the change immediately. Please be aware of the following:

  1. The event in progress at the time of the change will have an inaccurate countdown in RapidPlayX2000, but the next event will roll correctly.
  2. A Clock Start event should not be scheduled when the time will be changing.
  3. If you are running RapidPlayX2000 on a computer other than the DeviceServer computer, it may take up to 20 minutes for the time on that computer to update. You could restart the Application (You do not need to restart the Machine, just the application) if you would like to force it to update its time right away.
  4. All other system computers (such as Dubber and AssetBase) will need to be updated manually. The times on these computers are not critical to system operation but please change them at your first opportunity for consistency.
  5. All clock starts following the time change will need to be correct on the list. These will not be updated by the time change.
  6. Remember, the option on the computers to automatically adjust for daylight saving changes should NEVER be checked on any computer on the system.

Please Note: If you have Crispin Corporationā€™s software but do not use the Master Control products, you will need to change the time on each of your Crispin computers manually. Since time is not critical to anything other than Master Control, the time on these computers can be changed at your leisure.

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