Justin Graham, Software Developer

Software developer, Justin Graham, spends his days working on new features for Crispin solutions, in a variety of different programming languages. He says, “It’s fun to be able to switch back and forth between languages in a given day. It helps to make every day a little different.”

For Justin, software development has always been a passion. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, he helped to spread that passion to future generations of programmers by working as a tutor for students ranging from grade school to college age. 

Now, he’s excited to be part of the Crispin team as he puts those skills to work in the new-to-him broadcasting industry. “Everyone on the team has been so helpful in bringing me up to speed on the ins and outs of the industry. I’m excited to continue learning and to be working on the products our customers use every day.”

In his free time, Justin enjoys playing video games like Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy and some older Pokemon games. He also writes music and plays guitar, dabbling in the punk, rock and metal genres. 

When he wants to get outside, he turns to a few newer hobbies like skateboarding and longboarding. And, he spends as much time as he can hanging out with his rat terrier named Ben. 

Originally from Kenansville, North Carolina, Justin spent time in Goldsboro as well before moving to Chapel Hill for college. Now, he’s coming to Raleigh where he’s excited to get out and explore, while still being just a short drive away from friends and family back at home. 

He says, “I’m going to miss my parents and every else back home, but it will be nice to be in a bigger city. I’m looking forward to checking out all the area has to offer.”