LoadingDockA comprehensive, self-contained, web-based ingest tool for processing all methods of content delivery.

Introducing LoadingDock

Automate everything. Mandate nothing. Streamline your content delivery with LoadingDock.


Daily Prep Schedule

Your list of items to be processed each day. This will look similar to how you configure record schedule, with more data available. Displays a week’s worth of scheduled programming.

Program Prep

View material and check or edit for air. Takes many of the tools from Dubber and merges with the perks of DigiPrep, plus adds more features needed for stations using content delivery. While previewing the programs and spots using a lorez copy of the video, you will be able to trim and adjust segments, if needed. You will also be able to decide which portions of the clip should be aired and which should not. If the program comes over with XML data, that data will be previewed with the clip. That data is editable and it will populate into AssetBase.

Program Status Report (PSR)

Another web tool for the user’s central hub to monitor, check deliveries and see data regarding all current programming being sent and retrieved. Status icons from capture to delivery, make it easy to review the process at a glance.

View Programming in One Place

View all of your programming from your providers or even FTP sites, on a webpage. Accessible on the entire system network.

Convenient Email Notifications

Email messaging to fit your station’s needs with customizable settings by type of alert, location(s) and user(s).


LoadingDock Features and Benefits

internally or externally to your facility, based on “upload privileges” you set.
from content providers such as Pathfire, PitchBlue and others.
to be viewed via the web.
for file movement and processing.
with specific privileges to match the roles and responsibilities of your staff.
so they cannot be overwritten or deleted.
the file type requirements specific to your facility.
in a modern file-based facility so you can time, segment and QC material without using a video server port.
The PSR is a user’s central hub to monitor, check deliveries and see data regarding all current programming being retrieved. Each program has status icons which stand for each step of the process from Capture to Delivery. A lorez copy and detailed information is available in further detail on each program.
LoadingDock solution for multiple stations. A primary LoadingDock is configured to capture and prep all material. The Backup LoadingDock systems subscribe to the Primary. The Primary grants permission to each Backup LoadingDock to allow material retrieval. Material will be available via a bit torrent for Dock to Dock.
In a group situation, there can be one dublist for all national spots that each station in the group needs. All content is shared and this allows larger, more flexible workflow options.
When a station group decides to use LoadingDock as a content distribution center for multiple stations, LoadingDock is called MCDC. Stations act as either Prep Centers or Nodes. Prep Centers receive and record data and upload and retrieve from the cloud. Nodes can be prep centers, capture centers, delivery centers or a combination of all.