Media Backbone NavigatorXPost production meets master control

Crispin integrates with Sony's
Media Backbone NavigatorX

to bring you a new and improved tool for viewing and prepping content on your network.

  • Easy searching and comprehensive browsing of your content
  • Review, trim and prep your content via proxy view
  • Access anywhere with standard web browsers
  • Manage assets in multiple storage locations
    • On-prem, archive or cloud
  • Create various roles or user groups to fit your needs
  • Defined permissions
  • Only purchase the number of users you need
    • Add more at any time
  • Directly interfaces with your Crispin system. Schedule needs are taken care of through automatic updates to your playlist
  • Add in the option for direct control of other solutions – all without middleware:
    • Ci cloud, Optical Disk Archive, spinning disk storage
    • Transcoders, transfer adapters and other workflow options

Something New?

While Crispin has always offered a web tool for proxy view and prep for your on-air schedule, we are now taking it one step further. By integrating with NavigatorX, we are opening up more possibilities for your ever-changing needs.

Why do we need this?

Give your team access to a powerful and easy-to-use content search and prep tool to accomplish department related tasks.

Master control: Trim, edit and prep content for your on-air schedule.
News: News packages created in production can be reviewed before Air. Tie into your NewsWheel system workflow today by adding this additional view.
Sales: Search, view and download customer content.
Marketing/Promotions: Search, view and download promos and event content.
Other: Programming or other internal user/department workflow needs.

How do I protect my content?

You have the comfort of setting up and controlling privileges by individual user, groups and/or roles:

Editing and prep of content
Control workflows and/or importing new content
Search and view only
Access to certain storage locations
And more…

Major perks

All of this is accomplished without tying up expensive video server ports.

Do you need to free up space on your primary production storage locations? Talk to us about nearline archive storage and other NavigatorX solutions today.

Learn More

To learn more about Sony’s Media Backbone NavigatorX, visit the page here.