Tim Smith, Technical Services Engineer

As a Technical Services Engineer, Tim Smith spends his days interacting with Crispin’s customer base. This includes answering phone calls and emails, troubleshooting and traveling onsite to television stations around the country to assist in configuring Crispin’s hardware and software.

With a background in master control, Crispin seemed like a perfect fit for the next step in Tim’s broadcasting career. He says, “I’m excited to learn even more about the industry. The experience of getting to work with a variety of television stations gives me the opportunity to see things from a different point of view and expand my knowledge.”

He was initially drawn to the industry because of its fast-paced environment. “There’s never a dull moment in broadcasting. Whether you’re putting out fires or working on something preventative, there’s always something happening to keep you on your toes,” he explains.

A Providence, Rhode Island native, Tim moved to the Raleigh area this summer and is eager to explore the bars and restaurants the city has to offer. “There’s nothing better than stopping by a new place to grab a beer after a long day of work. I’m looking forward to checking out some of the places I’ve heard about downtown,” says Tim.

When he’s not discovering new places to eat and drink, he appreciates nights in, playing board games and video games with his friends and reading sci-fi novels. And, while he’s excited about living in North Carolina, he’ll remember his New England roots come football season when you’ll find him cheering on the Patriots.